A little poem

A real story

Although seem it hard, it´s just a time that need to be faced.

Endless glimpses, now it is for real.

All the shadows of the freaked past , now it will come to be vanished away.

One thing i know and i am going to testify to my audience:

I will overcome, oh, i will!

No matter what happened to me, I know in who i shall rely upon.

Sorrow will turn into joy.

Despair will turn into hope.

Fear of failure will turn into strenght.

Uncertainty will turn into awereness.

A sound mind is gonna take place.

Everything that need to be changed, it will happen.

I am just a simple man who decided to give up on my own pride, emptiness and have tried so hard to control things and people.. to finally cling onto my helper.

That´s all!


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